4 Things a Guy wants in a Lady

Unbelievably, there are certain things ladies likes in a guy just as there are certain things a guy likes in a lady. Today we will be covering 4 Things a Guy wants in a Lady.

4 Things a Guy wants in a Lady

Some of the things a guy finds attractive in a lady are;

#1 She is loving and affectionate:

Every guy wants a girl who is loving in general and affectionate. Being physically close to each other, holding hands and hugs symbolizes a connection. Being affectionate is a warm, loving feeling and would also help building a long-term relationship.

#2 She is friendly and sociable:

Most men love ladies who are social and friendly. Sometimes where a guy and his lady goes out for events, he wants his lady to be able to socialize with others, and also have positive attitude towards others. Also, it is important or a man to have same qualities and it should be extended to her friends and relatives.

#3 She is understanding and empathetic:

Building a successful relationship requires a lady to be compassionate, encouraging and supportive towards her partner. Guys want a lady who would support them in all their endeavors or their times of need.

#4 She is intellectually challenging:

Being intellectually challenging and having the ability to hold discussions about meaningful topics will make relationships last longer. A man wants a woman who would be able to have deep conversations which would help build a real connection and lasting relationships.

There are so many other things guys wants in a lady like every guy wants a lady who is kindhearted, a woman who s thoughtful, loving, and caring, a woman who does anything to make him happy. Guys also want ladies who are ambitious, a woman who has a vision for her future, and chases after it with edacity.

A guy would want to have a woman who is willing to put in effort for you, a woman who always wants to see her man happy.

Every guy finds it important for their woman to have a good sense of humor, it is generally important for both parties to be playful, sometimes joke around with each other. This would help extend periods of fun together and lighten the mood. Every man also wants a lady who is family/ friend oriented.

What do men want in a lady?

Most men want women who are caring, loving, thoughtful and kind. A woman who makes him happy whenever he is down, and a woman who radiates love and warmth from her heart. A woman who does little things for her man for no other reason other than she loves him.

What are the five things a man wants from a woman?

A man wants a sense of humor from a woman, a positive attitude, a passion for adventure, a sense of understanding and someone who’s thoughtful.

What a man need most from a woman?

Most men need a woman who appreciates them for who and what they are.

What are the three things a man needs from a woman?

According to Harvey, men don’t need much from their women. They only need three things: support, loyalty and sex.

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