20 Words that will make you Sound Smart

Learning and making use of new words would actually make you smarter and also look smarter. And also, increasing your vocabulary would help strengthen your brain. Strengthening or increasing your vocabulary is not just about memorizing many syllable words but about having curiosity about language and wanting to find out new ways to describe the world around you.

20 Words that will make you Sound Smart

Here is 20 words that would make you sound smart;

#1 Accolade:

You can simply use the word Accolade for praise and approval. For instance, her approval was the highest accolade he could receive.

#2 Empathy:

This is the ability to share another person’s feelings and emotions as if they were your own. When you use the word empathy, it means you put yourself in someone else’s shoes. When I saw the sick boy today, I had empathy for him.

#3 Nefarious:

This means being extremely wicked or villainous. For example, the deletion of those text messages could have been an accident – a screw-up without any nefarious intentions.

#4 Flummoxed:

The word “Flummoxed” means completely unable to understand. This word expressed the inability to understand a situation. For instance, the Doctors were flummoxed by the boy’s symptoms.

#5 Vitriol:

This is the name for sulfuric acid, which is strong enough to burn through anything. This is how it also works with emotions. If you have vitriol for someone, they are from your favorite person.

#6 Cacophony:

This word means a harsh disturbance of sound, dissonance, or harshness in the sound of words and phrases. For example, the video opens with a cacophony of clock chimes, church bells, and loud ticking.

#7 Fastidious:

Being fastidious just means giving too much attention to small details and wanting everything to be correct and perfect. For example, he is very fastidious to eat in a fast-food restaurants.

#8 Glib:

Glib means speaking in a confident way, without careful thought or honesty. For instance, he is a glib, self-centered man.

#9 Capricious:

You can make use of the word “Capricious” if you want to describe something that is likely to change or react to a sudden desire or new idea. For example, We have had very capricious weather lately.

#10 Teetotaller:

The word “Teetotaller” can make used to describe someone who does not drink alcohol. You could say this woman is a strict teetotaler.

#11 Ubiquitous:

You could use the word ubiquitous to describe someone or something when they seem to be everywhere. For example, He is one of the wealthiest, most ubiquitous media personalities around.

#12 Sycophant:

You can describe someone as a sycophant if he praises powerful or rich people in a way that is not sincere, in order to get the advantage of them. For example, the Queen is surrounded by sycophants.

#13 Déjà vu:

This is a feeling that you have experienced something that is actually happening for the first time. For instance, I entered the room and immediately felt a sense of déjà vu.

#14 Gregarious:

Someone can be described as Gregarious if the person enjoys being with other people. For example, He is a gregarious and outgoing person.

#15 Caustic:

The word caustic can be used to describe something that is capable of destroying something by chemical action. For example, the chemical was so caustic that it ate through the pipe.

#16 Mellifluous:

You could describe a piece of music or voice as mellifluous if it is smooth and gentle and very pleasant to listen to.

#17 Elucidate:

This word means to explain something or make it clear. You could say “I don’t understand, you’ll have to elucidate”.

#18 Cajole:

When someone is pushing or forcing you to do something you do not want to do, you could accuse them of trying to bully or dupe you. You could hit them with a word that gives them pause, possibly this might make them back off.

#19 Flabbergast:

The word Flabbergast means to be overwhelmed with surprise, shock, or wonder. You make use of the word flabbergast when you want to express surprise. For instance, when they saw the amount allocated to their team, they were completely flabbergasted.

#20 Rendezvous:

Rendezvous is a meeting, most times a secret one, that you have arranged to meet with someone for at a particular place and time.

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